West Palm Beach Wedding Planning Tips for a Laid Back, Summery Ceremony and Reception

West Palm Beach Wedding Planning Tips for a Laid Back, Summery Ceremony and Reception

As a professional Boca Raton wedding planner, I can tell you that summer weddings are a lot of fun for a number of reasons. The bride gets to wear the most romantic, feminine, lightweight and comfortable dress that one can imagine. The happy soon-to-be-spouses get to say their vows in a gorgeous natural setting, while feeling the sun on their faces and the gentle breeze in their hair. During the hot season, laid-back, summery wedding ceremonies and receptions are always a good idea. If you’re planning on organizing the perfect event to celebrate your union in a completely relaxed manner, here are a few essential West Palm Beach wedding planning tips that you may find useful while striving to turn every single bridal fantasy that you may have into reality.

Reinterpret Your Favorite Wedding Theme. As an experienced West Palm beach wedding planner, I can anticipate and understand your deepest wishes: you want your wedding to be unique and completely over the top; however, very few couples realize that this bold expectation implies the fact that they should be willing to take chances and think outside the box. Why stick to a classic garden or beach wedding theme when you can organize a wonderful ceremony and reception based on the one-of-the-kind elements that are representative for your love story and union? For instance, pick a venue that reflects the wonderful particularities of your honeymoon destination or the summer hangouts that have brought you two close.

Opt for Dynamic Colors. Instead of relying on splashes of color to accentuate certain décor elements, stick to maximum two sophisticated bright hues to enhance the appeal of your centerpieces. A well-balanced color scheme will enable you to make the whole space seem unified, classier and better organized.

Surprise Your Guests with New, Exciting Summery Cocktail Ideas. Don’t hesitate to get creative when it comes to serving awesome, mouthwatering cocktails at your reception. Go beyond classic options, such as margaritas and daiquiris, and choose to stun your guests with unique, flavorful recipes based on your favorite seasonal fruits. Wine smoothies are incredibly refreshing and represent a good pick, but if you’re eager to go for sweeter combos, try a few cocktails based on watermelon, strawberries, and cranberry juice.

Go Green with Your Wedding Favors. During summer, less is always more. My experience as a West Palm Beach event planner has taught me one important lesson: during the hot season, most of my clients choose to forget about all the fuss and unnecessary details associated with a formal party and decide to recreate the perfect laid-back ambiance that will definitely be appreciated by all attendees. If you’re also determined to go for exquisite, yet totally unpretentious wedding details, here’s an idea that may appeal to you: opt for green wedding favors: locally grown plans presented in mason jars made of recycled glass represent a remarkable wedding favor idea that you should consider. Instead of using expensive products that have very little or no emotional value whatsoever, choose to invest in greener wedding favors that are somehow connected to your location, wedding theme or romantic story that you have written together as a couple.

Select a Bridal Package That Actually Speaks to You. Any professional West Palm Beach wedding planner will tell you that laid-back weddings are not always easy to organize. You have to pay attention to all the elements that contribute to that relaxed, carefree vibe and count on an experienced wedding planner with a remarkable taste, creative vision and attention to detail. At Dream Concierge, we have the perfect team who could back your West Palm Beach wedding planning efforts. We have envisioned different bridal packages to give you the chance to get the support that you need to recreate the perfect ceremony and reception from scratch.

The Dream Package, Celestial Package and Complete Buss Package are only three main options that you can explore to discover the plan that addresses all your needs in terms of guidelines and checklists, consultations, referrals of service providers and vendors, budget outline and more. Instead of focusing on a plethora of overwhelmingly complex tasks, choose to work with our team of wedding planning experts and organize a laid-back event without losing a wink of sleep or stressing yourself out over complicated decision-making processes.