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29 Jul

West Palm Beach Wedding Planning Tips for a Laid Back, Summery Ceremony and Reception

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As a professional Boca Raton wedding planner, I can tell you that summer weddings are a lot of fun for a number of reasons. The bride gets to wear the most romantic, feminine, lightweight and comfortable dress that one can imagine. The happy soon-to-be-spouses get to say their vows in a gorgeous natural setting, while feeling the sun on their faces and the gentle breeze in their hair. During the hot season, laid-back, summery wedding ceremonies and receptions are always a good idea. If you’re planning on organizing the perfect event to celebrate your union in a completely relaxed manner, here are a few essential West Palm Beach wedding planning tips that you may find useful while striving to turn every single bridal fantasy that you may have into reality.

Reinterpret Your Favorite Wedding Theme. As an experienced West Palm beach wedding planner, I can anticipate and understand your deepest wishes: you want your wedding to be unique and completely over the top; however, very few couples realize that this bold expectation implies the fact that they should be willing to take chances and think outside the box. Why stick to a classic garden or beach wedding theme when you can organize a wonderful ceremony and reception based on the one-of-the-kind elements that are representative for your love story and union? For instance, pick a venue that reflects the wonderful particularities of your honeymoon destination or the summer hangouts that have brought you two close.

Opt for Dynamic Colors. Instead of relying on splashes of color to accentuate certain décor elements, stick to maximum two sophisticated bright hues to enhance the appeal of your centerpieces. A well-balanced color scheme will enable you to make the whole space seem unified, classier and better organized.

Surprise Your Guests with New, Exciting Summery Cocktail Ideas. Don’t hesitate to get creative when it comes to serving awesome, mouthwatering cocktails at your reception. Go beyond classic options, such as margaritas and daiquiris, and choose to stun your guests with unique, flavorful recipes based on your favorite seasonal fruits. Wine smoothies are incredibly refreshing and represent a good pick, but if you’re eager to go for sweeter combos, try a few cocktails based on watermelon, strawberries, and cranberry juice.

Go Green with Your Wedding Favors. During summer, less is always more. My experience as a West Palm Beach event planner has taught me one important lesson: during the hot season, most of my clients choose to forget about all the fuss and unnecessary details associated with a formal party and decide to recreate the perfect laid-back ambiance that will definitely be appreciated by all attendees. If you’re also determined to go for exquisite, yet totally unpretentious wedding details, here’s an idea that may appeal to you: opt for green wedding favors: locally grown plans presented in mason jars made of recycled glass represent a remarkable wedding favor idea that you should consider. Instead of using expensive products that have very little or no emotional value whatsoever, choose to invest in greener wedding favors that are somehow connected to your location, wedding theme or romantic story that you have written together as a couple.

Select a Bridal Package That Actually Speaks to You. Any professional West Palm Beach wedding planner will tell you that laid-back weddings are not always easy to organize. You have to pay attention to all the elements that contribute to that relaxed, carefree vibe and count on an experienced wedding planner with a remarkable taste, creative vision and attention to detail. At Dream Concierge, we have the perfect team who could back your West Palm Beach wedding planning efforts. We have envisioned different bridal packages to give you the chance to get the support that you need to recreate the perfect ceremony and reception from scratch.

The Dream Package, Celestial Package and Complete Buss Package are only three main options that you can explore to discover the plan that addresses all your needs in terms of guidelines and checklists, consultations, referrals of service providers and vendors, budget outline and more. Instead of focusing on a plethora of overwhelmingly complex tasks, choose to work with our team of wedding planning experts and organize a laid-back event without losing a wink of sleep or stressing yourself out over complicated decision-making processes.

17 Jun

Key Elements That Will Reward Your West Palm Beach Wedding Planning Efforts

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Just like any bride-to-be, you want your wedding to be perfect. And by “perfect” you mean unforgettable and over-the-top. Even though you are not familiar with the spoken and unspoken rules of West Palm Beach wedding planning, you do know one thing: you want every single element related to the big day to be extravagant and truly mesmerizing.

4 Often Overlooked Elements That Can Help You Plan the Perfect Wedding

From your bridesmaid dresses, invitations and floral arrangements to your dress and cake, all these puzzle pieces are a part of your fairytale. Therefore, you are determined to personalize them so that they could describe every single detail of your romantic love story. But when reality kicks in, you realize the fact that all the sophisticated features cost a lot of money. Bills usually pile up unexpectedly, so you may want to do the math and figure out which show-stopping elements are worthy of your time and money and which ones are perfectly dispensable. Before making a final call, take a closer look at the following wow factors that could easily take your West Palm Beach wedding to a whole new level.

  1. An Incredible Venue. Location is one of the most important coordinates that can dictate the style of your wedding. Choose a venue based on the type of reception that you wish to organize, your personality and your budget. For instance, if your goal is to plan a laid-back, colorful wedding, you probably wouldn’t want to book an ultra modern hotel ballroom; instead, you could go for a renovated, romantic barn that would do a better job at matching the vibe of your upcoming event.
  2. Lighting. Lighting is a small, yet incredibly important detail that is often overlooked by brides and grooms. Don’t make the same mistake, especially if you want to be able to take pride in exquisite photos. Aside from its important impact on photography, lighting is a part of your décor, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade the available options and go for unique, elegant lighting adding an extra dose of charm to your wedding theme.
  3. Guest Transportation. It’s always a good idea to arrange transportation for all your guests (from their hotel to your wedding venue and back), especially if you’re planning on serving alcohol at your upcoming reception. This is a thoughtful gesture that won’t pass unnoticed, especially if you go the extra mile to surprise your closest ones with a creative transportation option matching the theme and style of your wedding. Go beyond the white limo scenario and don’t hesitate to get creative. For instance, a horse carriage would be the perfect choice for a Cinderella-themed wedding. Moreover, vintage wedding buses available for rent can take a shabby chic wedding from average to original and absolutely splendid in a split second.
  4. Add Details That Will Stir up Conversations. Nobody likes the cold ambiance ensured by a rigid environment that blocks social interactions. To avoid this inconvenient, personalize your décor by adding ingenious seating. For example, banquet-style tables and benches are often the best alternative to their round counterparts simply because they encourage conversations.

It’s no secret that West Palm Beach wedding planning experts can make your life a whole lot easier. They manage all the details related to your event and maintain the perfect balance between your grand vision and your achievable goals. In case you feel overwhelmed and need the guidance and support of an experienced West Palm Beach event planner, rely on Dream Concierge to turn your ceremony and reception into the most prominent chapters of an unforgettable romantic tale.

10 Jun

Ask a West Palm Beach Bridal Planner: What Kind of Wedding Themes Would Be More Suitable for Your Event?

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If the biggest goal that you have set for 2015 is to say your “I Dos” in a wonderful venue located in West Palm Beach, congratulations are in order. You’ve made an exceptional choice, considering the fact that this area is literally packed with different types of venues that are perfect for memorable receptions and sophisticated weddings. West Palm Beach bridal planner gives you plenty of creative freedom when it comes to choosing the perfect location, décor and theme to celebrate the most important day of your life.

Discover and Compare a Plethora of Appealing Venues Based in West Palm Beach

Whether you wish to sail away with your better half and never look back, book a rustic country club or an upscale restaurant, or start looking for gardens and parks that could provide the perfect natural, romantic setting for your upcoming ceremony and reception, you should know that all these goals are achievable in Palm Beach.  This brings us to the next important question: what kind of theme should you strive to personalize to impress your guests and create unforgettable memories? Here are a few options that may be fully compatible with your current desires, creative vision and requirements.

Beach Wedding. Beach weddings are much-appreciated for their lovely scene and laid-back ambiance. A beach ceremony and reception or a church ceremony and a beach reception is the winning formula that could never let you down, especially if you get ready to face any type of weather conditions, plan to catch the sunset or sunrise while saying your vows and bet everything on a simple, yet incredibly sophisticated décor based on aquamarine, seashells, grains of sand kept in small, see-through glass bottles, rope and other naturally gorgeous materials reminding you of the depthless and absolute perfection of the ocean.

Shabby Chic Wedding. If you want to highlight your soft, romantic side while also expressing your preference for vintage elements displaying visible signs of wear and tear that give them character, choose to organize a shabby chic wedding. This theme is supported by a minimalist setting, distressed decorative items mimicking the appearance of antiques and a feminine color palette revolving around shades of pink, fuchsia or purple.

Rustic, Country Style Wedding. If you want your big event to be more about your union, and less about the fuss associated with crazy expensive and sophisticated wedding venues, consider opting for a rustic style wedding. Rustic-themed weddings can be organized in different locations, ranging from beautiful magnolia plantations to a cozy country club. Here’s a simple tip that could guarantee your success: combine the greenery with natural unpretentious decorations and a neutral color palette.

Wedding Planning Success Is in the Details

Any skilled West Palm Beach wedding planner will tell you that it’s the little details that help you paint a pretty picture when it come to organizing a flawless event. In this context, it would be wise to choose your wedding theme very carefully, based on your lifestyle choices, personality, taste and personal preferences. Avoid extreme ideas that could make one your soulmate feel slightly uncomfortable. Also, do keep in mind that you have to pick a theme as soon as possible, because you will have to coordinate the styling, invitations, music, menu, floral arrangements and dresses, and all these elements revolve around the theme that you have chosen for your big day. As an experienced West Palm Beach wedding planner I can tell you that dealing with all these aspects can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you have poor organizational skills. In this situation, choose to hire a professional to keep all the wedding planning elements in check. Rely on Dream Concierge to eliminate the stress associated with DIY wedding planning and create the perfect foundation for a wonderful event that will be remembered by all your guests. The expert guidance that you require may be only one click or call away and could make the difference between a memorable celebration and a bad memory that you would want to erase as soon as possible.