How to Choose the Perfect Flowers with Help from Your Boca Raton Wedding Planner

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers with Help from Your Boca Raton Wedding Planner

Wedding ceremonies and receptions always make your heart melt. These special events evoke a large palette of positive emotions and help both spouses and guests create unforgettable memories. While attending a wedding is usually a fun activity, planning one can be quite a hassle, especially if you don’t count on the 24/7 support of an experienced Boca Raton event planner.

Wedding planning requires great attention to detail, patience and an almost superhuman ability to cope with stress. Some of the tasks that you may enjoy on a daily basis, like choosing flowers to brighten up your indoors, could become a daunting assignment while planning your party, simply because in the latter situation you would have to follow a certain etiquette, explore a plethora of options and make the smartest decision as soon as possible.

3 Tips to Apply to Maintain a Faultless Communication with a Florist Who Actually Gets You

If you are currently facing this challenge, here are a few tips that you can apply to select the most amazing floral arrangements (table centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, flowers for your wedding site and, of course, your beautiful bridal bouquet) with help from your Boca Raton wedding planner.

  1. Discuss Your Options with the Manager of Your Reception Venue. The manager of your wedding venue has the insight that you may require to identify and contact some of the best florists in your area. Ask the manager for recommendations and schedule an appointment with the professionals who would most likely share your creative vision.
  2. Factor in 3 Elements Before Making a Final Call: Budget, Style and Number of Guests. Before actually interviewing florists and choosing the one who will add a touch of glam, femininity and color to your décor through his stunning floral arrangements, set up a budget for your wedding flowers. Next, try to visualize the look that you’re trying to recreate. Do you want to organize a sophisticated formal wedding, a laid-back beach or boho chic event or a simple, romantic one? Simplify your selection by sticking to the best options that match your overall color scheme (the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses, the design details and hues of your invitations, the décor of your venue). Last but definitely not least, focus on numbers. Determine how many people will attend your wedding and how many guests will require flowers (bridesmaids, groomsmen, children, parents, grandparents, and the list stays open).
  3. Schedule Meetings with Your Favorite Florists and Always Come Prepared. Nothing should stop you from meeting more than a few florists recommended by your Boca Raton event planner, and also by the manager of your venue and friends who may have tied the knot recently. Don’t hesitate to shop around to get a good deal and achieve the look that best reflects your style and taste. Here’s one word of advice that you may want to consider: don’t go to these meetings unprepared. Do your homework and find the best way to help the florist get (and stay) on the same page with you. Don’t say: “I love lavender!” This is a very generic statement that leaves the door open to a multitude of alternatives. It could mean that you have a thing for natural lavender or that you may want to decorate your venue with purple orchids, peonies or wild violets. Always bring a few visual aids (magazine clippings, Instagram and Pinterest posts, photos from your friends’ weddings and so on) to facilitate your communication with your florist. Also, let him see your wedding dress; this way, he could recommend certain bouquet styles and other arrangements that match the color, size and shape of your dress.
  4. Let Your Personal Preferences and Taste Influence Your Final Decision. At the end of the day, you should go for the flowers that make you happy and do a great job at mirroring your taste and personality. Love calla lilies and would very much like to recreate an all-white wedding theme? Do that! Wish to highlight your girly, romantic side by opting for flowers in subtle shades of pink? Fulfill your fantasy after getting the best suggestions from your florist. Let your Boca Raton wedding planner make your choices blend in seamlessly with the theme, location and décor of your grand event.

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