Dream Concierge Launches New Brand, Breeze Taylor Events

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Breeze Taylor, Renowned Luxury Event Planner of One-of-a-Kind Affairs, Launches Rebranding of her Company, Breeze Taylor Events, Formerly Known as Dream Concierge Event Planning


 Breeze Taylor, one of the best-known names in planning and executing upscale events for celebrity clientele in New York, Palm Beach and Boca Raton for the past 15 years, reveals her new brand for concierge event planning services.



Boca Raton, FL    September 29, 2015  Breeze Taylor, owner and president of the formally known Dream Concierge Event Planning, announces the launch of her new brand, Breeze Taylor Events (www.breezetaylorevents.com).  The rebranding of her successful company emphasizes that Breeze Taylor is the face and driving force of her singular event planning firm and reinforces her image and experience clients have counted on for over 15 years.  Clients from Palm Beach to Boca Raton and New York have come to know Breeze Taylor as the go-to name in premier event planning.

Breeze Taylor Events brings years of hands-on experience from the worlds of fashion, hospitality, entertainment, events and philanthropy to help transform each client’s dreams into an experience of a lifetime. In the past 15 years, Breeze has worked with many CEOs and Presidents of Fortune 500 companies, top celebrities, athletes, including Robert Smith, NFL athlete for Minnesota Vikings and Jeff Overton, PGA top-rated golfer as well as many other household names.

Breeze is relentless in the pursuit of each client’s goal and will never vary from the principles of clients’ satisfaction: quality, beauty and meticulous attention to detail and budgets. Breeze Taylor Events provides unparalleled level of service that many clients have never experienced before – and she does so with discretion, grace and seamless support. Breeze specializes in theatrical event planning at iconic, luxury locations.

With the launch of her new brand, Breeze intends to take on a more boutique-style approach to her business. She will take on a select number of unique and challenging events per year that showcase her expertise, limiting the amount of events she contracts to give herself fully to each new client and their special occasions.  Using innovative approaches, Breeze’s vision is to design, produce, and execute stunning and successful celebrations, and to provide her clients with 100% satisfaction every step of the way.

Breeze Taylor states, “In the crowded marketplace of event planners, designer, and coordinators, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned team designing, producing and executing unforgettable events.”

She has a keen eye for quality, beauty, and detail while working with various budgets and group sizes for events. The new launch of Breeze Taylor Events brings clients years of hands- on experience from the worlds of fashion, hospitality, entertainment, events, and philanthropy to help turn every client’s vision into reality.






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