Discover the New Social Media-Friendly Wedding Planning Etiquette Rules

Discover the New Social Media-Friendly Wedding Planning Etiquette Rules

In the era of speed, engaged couples have very little spare time on their hands to plan every single detail related to the opulent, unique and absolutely stunning wedding that they wish to organize. Assuming that you’ve already said YES to everything, including the dress, chances are that you’re dying to share the news with your loves ones. So do you have to call or meet everyone in person?

Why You Should Be Focused on Social Media-Friendly Wedding Etiquette

Do you have to write dozens of emails to keep your closest ones up-to-date with your Boca Raton wedding planning efforts and post dozens of pictures on social media platforms to showcase your beautiful ring from different angles?  More specifically, how should you model your social media behavior to comply with the new wedding planning etiquette rules? Even if you’re not exactly tech-savvy, you should still do your best to prevent common social networking websites-related wedding faux pas to keep all attendees happy and avoid embarrassment. Here are a few pointers that will guide you and your soul mate in the right direction.

  1. 1. Call or Meet Your Loved Ones in Person before Announcing the Big Event on Twitter or Facebook. As soon as you can admire the ring on your finger, spare a few moments to call your loves ones and share your joy and enthusiasm with them. This kind gesture will fill their hearts with positive emotions and make them count the days left until the big event. In short, always establish a deep 1-on-1 connection with your friends or relatives before hitting the “post” or “tweet” button to spread the news.
  2. Reach Your Guests via Email or Phone, but Also Send Out Traditional Printed Wedding Invitations. We are all aware of the fact that electronic forms of communication are gradually replacing the traditional ones; however, do not neglect the importance of printed wedding invitations with a unique design that could highlight your exquisite taste and creativity. Your grandmother may not know how to open an email or join an event on Facebook, but she will definitely appreciate and cherish the wedding invitation that you will send her way.
  3. Designate a “Social Media Manager.” During the big day, you will barely have time to breathe. You will have to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible, socialize with friends and relatives, focus on a few meaningful touches designed to individualize your ceremony and enjoy the intensity of each moment that you will get to spend in the company of your better half. Naturally, you won’t have time to post updates on social networking websites; this is why I advise you to designate a social media manager for the big event. Rely on a so-called “tweeter of honor” to celebrate your union and make your event visible on social media platforms. This way, you will succeed in honoring your love story and sharing this magical moment with close friends who are miles and miles away.
  4. Encourage Your Guests to Use Your Hashtag. Start using your hashtag early, to document every single prominent elements related to your wedding. By incorporating this key phrase as soon as possible, you will capture and highlight the most memorable aspects of your union (dress hunt, bachelorette party), while building momentum. Ask your guests to do the same to take your event to a whole new level.
  5. Keep in Mind That Social Media Platforms Are Not the Best Place to Mediate Disputes. Last but not least, do remember that you shouldn’t express any negative wedding-related thoughts or feelings on social networking websites. Even if you can’t convince your mother-in-law to appreciate the theme, music and decorations that you’ve selected for your wedding, or can’t seem to make some people understand that they can’t bring their youngsters to your party, remember that you should always pick up the phone or visit your loved ones to clarify potential misunderstandings. Moreover, note that a professional event planner in Boca Raton can help you mediate such disputes in a prompt, elegant manner.

My experience in the Boca Raton wedding planning sector has enabled me to give all engaged couples a valuable word of advice: when it comes to organizing a truly outstanding wedding, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Get ready to face the unexpected by hiring a good event planner. For more on-point wedding planning tips and inspiration, reach the team of experts from Dream Concierge and get the first-class guidance and service designed to turn your ceremony and reception into the most glamorous highlights of the year.