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07 Oct

Dream Concierge Launches New Brand, Breeze Taylor Events

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Breeze Taylor, Renowned Luxury Event Planner of One-of-a-Kind Affairs, Launches Rebranding of her Company, Breeze Taylor Events, Formerly Known as Dream Concierge Event Planning


 Breeze Taylor, one of the best-known names in planning and executing upscale events for celebrity clientele in New York, Palm Beach and Boca Raton for the past 15 years, reveals her new brand for concierge event planning services.



Boca Raton, FL    September 29, 2015  Breeze Taylor, owner and president of the formally known Dream Concierge Event Planning, announces the launch of her new brand, Breeze Taylor Events (  The rebranding of her successful company emphasizes that Breeze Taylor is the face and driving force of her singular event planning firm and reinforces her image and experience clients have counted on for over 15 years.  Clients from Palm Beach to Boca Raton and New York have come to know Breeze Taylor as the go-to name in premier event planning.

Breeze Taylor Events brings years of hands-on experience from the worlds of fashion, hospitality, entertainment, events and philanthropy to help transform each client’s dreams into an experience of a lifetime. In the past 15 years, Breeze has worked with many CEOs and Presidents of Fortune 500 companies, top celebrities, athletes, including Robert Smith, NFL athlete for Minnesota Vikings and Jeff Overton, PGA top-rated golfer as well as many other household names.

Breeze is relentless in the pursuit of each client’s goal and will never vary from the principles of clients’ satisfaction: quality, beauty and meticulous attention to detail and budgets. Breeze Taylor Events provides unparalleled level of service that many clients have never experienced before – and she does so with discretion, grace and seamless support. Breeze specializes in theatrical event planning at iconic, luxury locations.

With the launch of her new brand, Breeze intends to take on a more boutique-style approach to her business. She will take on a select number of unique and challenging events per year that showcase her expertise, limiting the amount of events she contracts to give herself fully to each new client and their special occasions.  Using innovative approaches, Breeze’s vision is to design, produce, and execute stunning and successful celebrations, and to provide her clients with 100% satisfaction every step of the way.

Breeze Taylor states, “In the crowded marketplace of event planners, designer, and coordinators, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned team designing, producing and executing unforgettable events.”

She has a keen eye for quality, beauty, and detail while working with various budgets and group sizes for events. The new launch of Breeze Taylor Events brings clients years of hands- on experience from the worlds of fashion, hospitality, entertainment, events, and philanthropy to help turn every client’s vision into reality.






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12 Aug

5 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy Before, During and After the Wedding

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There comes a time in your life when you realize that your bridesmaids are your best friends- the people who have watched you grow; the ones who have always stood by your side no matter what and who are eager and ready to watch you say your “I dos” with love and grace and plan the rest of your days alongside your better half. But sometimes, even if you care about the people who have always been there for you, you may end up taking their efforts for granted and hurting their feelings completely unintentionally.

Stress and lack of time and patience can deteriorate your relationship with your bridesmaids. I can tell you that you could easily avoid this unpleasant scenario by letting a professional Boca Raton wedding planner take care of every single detail related to your grand event and focus on the special connection that you have with your girlfriends. Moreover, follow these five easy tips to keep your bridesmaids happy before, during and after your wedding ceremony and reception.

  1. Be Careful When It Comes to Allocating Responsibilities. As an experienced wedding planner, I know that most people (especially the ones with poor organizational skills) have a hard time trying to break down big, pressing tasks into more manageable components. This is why you may want to ask for the help of a Boca Raton event planner to create and allocate responsibilities in a more effective manner. Instead of urging all bridesmaids to invest a certain amount of time in your wedding planning process, be respectful of their personal lives; some may be getting ready for a career upgrade, a baby or their own engagement parties. Factor in their other responsibilities before assigning tasks to avoid frustration and potential conflicts.
  2. Make Sure All Your Bridesmaids Are Well-Dressed. Don’t make your bridesmaids go for a certain dress style, length or color just because you find it appropriate and tasteful. Instead, advise them to opt for similar styles reflecting your color scheme and let them express their own personality in a creative manner, by adding details that represent them and flatter their silhouette at the same time.
  3. Maintain a Balance Between Giving and Receiving. First of all, you should keep in mind that bridesmaids have to deal with considerable expenses. They have to book hotel rooms and flights, do their hair and makeup, organize your shower and buy you an extravagant gift. In this context, you should try to acknowledge and reward their efforts by employing different tactics to lower their costs and underline your appreciation. Start looking for low-cost flights and consider covering their lodging expenses. Moreover, opt for bridesmaids gifts that are similar, but not identical, to demonstrate that you love all your bridesmaids and respect them as unique individuals.
  4. Create Manageable, Fun To-Do Lists. In addition, I should also tell you that planning a wedding doesn’t have to seem like a stressful, time-consuming chore. To help your girls get their wedding groove on, keep your demands reasonable and ask yourself the following questions: “Would my girls actually enjoy this activity? Would I do the same things in return without any hesitation?” This type of reality check will help you put your empathetic thinking to good use and implement minor attitude changes to make every single step of the process (dress hunt, shower and so on). Also, make a list of all the people who could lend a helping hand (aunts, cousins, other close friends and coworkers) to relieve tension and let your bridesmaids get in the party mood.
  5. Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy with Help from a Professional Boca Raton Wedding Planner. Sometimes, you will need more than a handful of people to allocate responsibilities, adjust your wedding décor, deal with vendors and service providers and still keep a large smile on your face at the end of the day. This is why you should consider opting for professional Boca Raton wedding planning services. At Dream Concierge, we have envisioned different packages offering you the expert guidance and support that you will require before, during and right after the big day. Contact our team today and select the one that matches your bridal planning, expectations, needs and demands to a tee.


05 Aug

Discover the New Social Media-Friendly Wedding Planning Etiquette Rules

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In the era of speed, engaged couples have very little spare time on their hands to plan every single detail related to the opulent, unique and absolutely stunning wedding that they wish to organize. Assuming that you’ve already said YES to everything, including the dress, chances are that you’re dying to share the news with your loves ones. So do you have to call or meet everyone in person?

Why You Should Be Focused on Social Media-Friendly Wedding Etiquette

Do you have to write dozens of emails to keep your closest ones up-to-date with your Boca Raton wedding planning efforts and post dozens of pictures on social media platforms to showcase your beautiful ring from different angles?  More specifically, how should you model your social media behavior to comply with the new wedding planning etiquette rules? Even if you’re not exactly tech-savvy, you should still do your best to prevent common social networking websites-related wedding faux pas to keep all attendees happy and avoid embarrassment. Here are a few pointers that will guide you and your soul mate in the right direction.

  1. 1. Call or Meet Your Loved Ones in Person before Announcing the Big Event on Twitter or Facebook. As soon as you can admire the ring on your finger, spare a few moments to call your loves ones and share your joy and enthusiasm with them. This kind gesture will fill their hearts with positive emotions and make them count the days left until the big event. In short, always establish a deep 1-on-1 connection with your friends or relatives before hitting the “post” or “tweet” button to spread the news.
  2. Reach Your Guests via Email or Phone, but Also Send Out Traditional Printed Wedding Invitations. We are all aware of the fact that electronic forms of communication are gradually replacing the traditional ones; however, do not neglect the importance of printed wedding invitations with a unique design that could highlight your exquisite taste and creativity. Your grandmother may not know how to open an email or join an event on Facebook, but she will definitely appreciate and cherish the wedding invitation that you will send her way.
  3. Designate a “Social Media Manager.” During the big day, you will barely have time to breathe. You will have to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible, socialize with friends and relatives, focus on a few meaningful touches designed to individualize your ceremony and enjoy the intensity of each moment that you will get to spend in the company of your better half. Naturally, you won’t have time to post updates on social networking websites; this is why I advise you to designate a social media manager for the big event. Rely on a so-called “tweeter of honor” to celebrate your union and make your event visible on social media platforms. This way, you will succeed in honoring your love story and sharing this magical moment with close friends who are miles and miles away.
  4. Encourage Your Guests to Use Your Hashtag. Start using your hashtag early, to document every single prominent elements related to your wedding. By incorporating this key phrase as soon as possible, you will capture and highlight the most memorable aspects of your union (dress hunt, bachelorette party), while building momentum. Ask your guests to do the same to take your event to a whole new level.
  5. Keep in Mind That Social Media Platforms Are Not the Best Place to Mediate Disputes. Last but not least, do remember that you shouldn’t express any negative wedding-related thoughts or feelings on social networking websites. Even if you can’t convince your mother-in-law to appreciate the theme, music and decorations that you’ve selected for your wedding, or can’t seem to make some people understand that they can’t bring their youngsters to your party, remember that you should always pick up the phone or visit your loved ones to clarify potential misunderstandings. Moreover, note that a professional event planner in Boca Raton can help you mediate such disputes in a prompt, elegant manner.

My experience in the Boca Raton wedding planning sector has enabled me to give all engaged couples a valuable word of advice: when it comes to organizing a truly outstanding wedding, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Get ready to face the unexpected by hiring a good event planner. For more on-point wedding planning tips and inspiration, reach the team of experts from Dream Concierge and get the first-class guidance and service designed to turn your ceremony and reception into the most glamorous highlights of the year.

29 Jul

West Palm Beach Wedding Planning Tips for a Laid Back, Summery Ceremony and Reception

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As a professional Boca Raton wedding planner, I can tell you that summer weddings are a lot of fun for a number of reasons. The bride gets to wear the most romantic, feminine, lightweight and comfortable dress that one can imagine. The happy soon-to-be-spouses get to say their vows in a gorgeous natural setting, while feeling the sun on their faces and the gentle breeze in their hair. During the hot season, laid-back, summery wedding ceremonies and receptions are always a good idea. If you’re planning on organizing the perfect event to celebrate your union in a completely relaxed manner, here are a few essential West Palm Beach wedding planning tips that you may find useful while striving to turn every single bridal fantasy that you may have into reality.

Reinterpret Your Favorite Wedding Theme. As an experienced West Palm beach wedding planner, I can anticipate and understand your deepest wishes: you want your wedding to be unique and completely over the top; however, very few couples realize that this bold expectation implies the fact that they should be willing to take chances and think outside the box. Why stick to a classic garden or beach wedding theme when you can organize a wonderful ceremony and reception based on the one-of-the-kind elements that are representative for your love story and union? For instance, pick a venue that reflects the wonderful particularities of your honeymoon destination or the summer hangouts that have brought you two close.

Opt for Dynamic Colors. Instead of relying on splashes of color to accentuate certain décor elements, stick to maximum two sophisticated bright hues to enhance the appeal of your centerpieces. A well-balanced color scheme will enable you to make the whole space seem unified, classier and better organized.

Surprise Your Guests with New, Exciting Summery Cocktail Ideas. Don’t hesitate to get creative when it comes to serving awesome, mouthwatering cocktails at your reception. Go beyond classic options, such as margaritas and daiquiris, and choose to stun your guests with unique, flavorful recipes based on your favorite seasonal fruits. Wine smoothies are incredibly refreshing and represent a good pick, but if you’re eager to go for sweeter combos, try a few cocktails based on watermelon, strawberries, and cranberry juice.

Go Green with Your Wedding Favors. During summer, less is always more. My experience as a West Palm Beach event planner has taught me one important lesson: during the hot season, most of my clients choose to forget about all the fuss and unnecessary details associated with a formal party and decide to recreate the perfect laid-back ambiance that will definitely be appreciated by all attendees. If you’re also determined to go for exquisite, yet totally unpretentious wedding details, here’s an idea that may appeal to you: opt for green wedding favors: locally grown plans presented in mason jars made of recycled glass represent a remarkable wedding favor idea that you should consider. Instead of using expensive products that have very little or no emotional value whatsoever, choose to invest in greener wedding favors that are somehow connected to your location, wedding theme or romantic story that you have written together as a couple.

Select a Bridal Package That Actually Speaks to You. Any professional West Palm Beach wedding planner will tell you that laid-back weddings are not always easy to organize. You have to pay attention to all the elements that contribute to that relaxed, carefree vibe and count on an experienced wedding planner with a remarkable taste, creative vision and attention to detail. At Dream Concierge, we have the perfect team who could back your West Palm Beach wedding planning efforts. We have envisioned different bridal packages to give you the chance to get the support that you need to recreate the perfect ceremony and reception from scratch.

The Dream Package, Celestial Package and Complete Buss Package are only three main options that you can explore to discover the plan that addresses all your needs in terms of guidelines and checklists, consultations, referrals of service providers and vendors, budget outline and more. Instead of focusing on a plethora of overwhelmingly complex tasks, choose to work with our team of wedding planning experts and organize a laid-back event without losing a wink of sleep or stressing yourself out over complicated decision-making processes.

22 Jul

How the Best Boca Raton Wedding Planners Manage to Organize an Opulent Wedding

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As an experienced Boca Raton wedding planner, I understand and respect the struggles of soon-to-be husbands and wives who are absolute perfectionists and would go to great lengths to recreate all the details of the ideal wedding ceremony and reception. Regardless of their budget, style, preferences and tastes, all couples share the same wish: they want to host a spectacular party reflecting their personality and highlighting the uniqueness and grandeur of their love story.

5 Tips on How to Organize Your Own Opulent Wedding

If your guests to remember the happiest day of your life for many more years to come, you have to give them something to talk about. I firmly believe that one-of-a-kind décor elements, unusual party planning ideas and great attention to detail are the key elements that can take any event to a whole new level. If you’re craving for some serious inspiration and want to personalize and implement a few tips on how to perfect your wedding, take a closer look at the following details that contribute to the ambiance and décor of a luxurious wedding.

  1. Glitter Silver and Gold Tented Place Cards. Add a touch of glitter to your place cards. Choose a minimalist design, surf the Internet to check out a series of romantic fonts and avoid other unnecessary embellishments. Keep it classy and truly remarkable by betting everything on a subtle touch of glitter.
  2. Sparkly Invites. While following this path, use the same motifs and color palette to create your unique wedding invitations. Try to avoid dull samples and go for a template with a very nice calligraphy, an emotion-rich message and a customized accessory, such as gold or white band of lace adorned with pearls or gemstones.
  3. Brooch Wedding Bouquets. Speaking of jewelry, did you know that tastefully embellished wedding bouquets never cease to create an outstanding first impression? This tiny detail represents the wow factor that always commands attention. If you’d like to add a touch of opulence to minimalist bouquet, based on calla lilies, upgrade your option by adding one or more crystal brooches to the original design. Coordinate these tasteful sparkling accents with the jewelry pieces that you’re planning on wearing, and make sure all these adornments are part of the same picture.
  4. Pearls and Colorful Jewels Used as Vase Fillers. My role in the event planning industry has helped me understand that the smallest details can personalize and individualize a party in the most effective manner. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on expensive décor (floral arrangements, crystal chandeliers or high-end table linens) to achieve the opulent effect that you have in mind. Instead, focus on centerpieces that are truly attention-grabbing. Here’s an example: fill vases with pearls. Peals are the perfect adornments for classy, all-white weddings. If you’re planning on adding a touch of color, use quality rhinestones that match your color scheme of choice.
  5. Antiques Representing the Perfect Centerpieces for a Vintage Wedding. Last but not least, choose a wedding backdrop and props that speak to you and your better half. For instance, old, metal and glass doorknobs could be easily turned into gorgeous table numbers. White lace runners are the perfect additions for a feminine wedding full of nostalgia, and vintage trunks can become stunning display tables suitable for an outdoor wedding.

When it comes to putting all these pieces together, I strongly advise you to involve a true professional in this process. Dream Concierge is the best ally that you could ever count on to turn your wedding fantasies into reality. Contact me and my team today and make the most of exceptional bridal planning tools that let you eliminate stress and focus on the most amazing aspects of your upcoming ceremony and reception.