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24 Jun

5 Tips on How to Select the Best Color Scheme for South Florida Weddings

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Just like any other soon-to-be bride on the planet, you want your wedding day to be absolutely flawless. Naturally, you are a bit intimidated by all the time, money and energy that wedding planning in West Palm Beach usually involves. Before hiring a wedding planner specialized in high-end events, you want to figure out what you want, in terms of location, music, decorations and color.

Colors Have Prominent Psychological Properties, So Choose Wisely

Speaking of hues, did you know that all primary colors- yellow, blue, red and green- can influence the balance between body and mind and have notable physiological properties? For example, red is a powerful color symbolizing basic survival, warmth and energy. Blue is the epitome of serenity, intellectual and reflection, while yellow could easily illustrate the concepts of extraversion, creativity and friendliness.

Choosing a Perfect Color Scheme in 5 Easy Steps

As you may already imagine, the color scheme that you choose for your wedding will have a big impact on the décor, theme and atmosphere that you are trying to recreate. Wondering how you could pick the most inspired tones for your ceremony and reception? Here are 5 easy tips on how to choose a wonderful color palette that will take your setting to a higher level.

  1. Analyze Your Setting. First of all, choose a color theme that is fully compatible with your wedding venue. If you want to find a location that won’t limit your choices in terms of colors, opt for tents or lofts, which represent the optimal blank canvases enabling you to play with different tones as you see fit.
  2. Select the Right Hue Based on the Theme and Ambiance That You Wish to Create. At this point, you are fully aware of the fact that your color scheme will inevitably send a strong message about your style and taste, while also influencing the mood of your guests. Therefore, select a set of colors based on the theme and atmosphere that you have in mind. For instance, light pastels are a great option for laid-back beach weddings, while jewel tones like emerald green, purple, black and ruby red are more suitable for high-end events reflecting a higher dosage of opulence and sophistication.
  3. Let Your Wedding Season Inspire You. Next, let your wedding season become your best source of inspiration. For example, fall weddings are all about earthy tones and enable you to make the most of delicate, flattering shades of gold, rust, orange and light brown.
  4. Do Your Homework. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit local art galleries, buy a few magazines and get acquainted with the recent works of some of the hottest artists of the moment. Novelty factors in fashion and architecture could offer you new creative event planning ideas and help you come up with the perfect color scheme for your wedding. At the end of the day, remember that you have to go beyond trends and get inspired by various forms of artwork that actually give you the chance to reinterpret the things you love in countless different ways.
  5. Choose Tones Matching Your Taste and Personal Preferences. What colors do you prefer to see and wear on a daily basis? When in doubt, just take a glance inside your closet and figure out what kind of hues are currently dominating your wardrobe.

All in all, even when you know what you want and how to ask for it, wedding planning in West Palm Beach can leave you tired, puzzled and frustrated. Instead of dealing with all the aspects that could easily overwhelm you, hire a planner specialized in upscale South Florida weddings. Get the best advice and personalized event planning services from Dream Concierge and sit back, relax and notice how your most creative wedding ideas are being implemented with great taste, care and attention to detail.


17 Jun

Key Elements That Will Reward Your West Palm Beach Wedding Planning Efforts

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Just like any bride-to-be, you want your wedding to be perfect. And by “perfect” you mean unforgettable and over-the-top. Even though you are not familiar with the spoken and unspoken rules of West Palm Beach wedding planning, you do know one thing: you want every single element related to the big day to be extravagant and truly mesmerizing.

4 Often Overlooked Elements That Can Help You Plan the Perfect Wedding

From your bridesmaid dresses, invitations and floral arrangements to your dress and cake, all these puzzle pieces are a part of your fairytale. Therefore, you are determined to personalize them so that they could describe every single detail of your romantic love story. But when reality kicks in, you realize the fact that all the sophisticated features cost a lot of money. Bills usually pile up unexpectedly, so you may want to do the math and figure out which show-stopping elements are worthy of your time and money and which ones are perfectly dispensable. Before making a final call, take a closer look at the following wow factors that could easily take your West Palm Beach wedding to a whole new level.

  1. An Incredible Venue. Location is one of the most important coordinates that can dictate the style of your wedding. Choose a venue based on the type of reception that you wish to organize, your personality and your budget. For instance, if your goal is to plan a laid-back, colorful wedding, you probably wouldn’t want to book an ultra modern hotel ballroom; instead, you could go for a renovated, romantic barn that would do a better job at matching the vibe of your upcoming event.
  2. Lighting. Lighting is a small, yet incredibly important detail that is often overlooked by brides and grooms. Don’t make the same mistake, especially if you want to be able to take pride in exquisite photos. Aside from its important impact on photography, lighting is a part of your décor, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade the available options and go for unique, elegant lighting adding an extra dose of charm to your wedding theme.
  3. Guest Transportation. It’s always a good idea to arrange transportation for all your guests (from their hotel to your wedding venue and back), especially if you’re planning on serving alcohol at your upcoming reception. This is a thoughtful gesture that won’t pass unnoticed, especially if you go the extra mile to surprise your closest ones with a creative transportation option matching the theme and style of your wedding. Go beyond the white limo scenario and don’t hesitate to get creative. For instance, a horse carriage would be the perfect choice for a Cinderella-themed wedding. Moreover, vintage wedding buses available for rent can take a shabby chic wedding from average to original and absolutely splendid in a split second.
  4. Add Details That Will Stir up Conversations. Nobody likes the cold ambiance ensured by a rigid environment that blocks social interactions. To avoid this inconvenient, personalize your décor by adding ingenious seating. For example, banquet-style tables and benches are often the best alternative to their round counterparts simply because they encourage conversations.

It’s no secret that West Palm Beach wedding planning experts can make your life a whole lot easier. They manage all the details related to your event and maintain the perfect balance between your grand vision and your achievable goals. In case you feel overwhelmed and need the guidance and support of an experienced West Palm Beach event planner, rely on Dream Concierge to turn your ceremony and reception into the most prominent chapters of an unforgettable romantic tale.

10 Jun

Ask a West Palm Beach Bridal Planner: What Kind of Wedding Themes Would Be More Suitable for Your Event?

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If the biggest goal that you have set for 2015 is to say your “I Dos” in a wonderful venue located in West Palm Beach, congratulations are in order. You’ve made an exceptional choice, considering the fact that this area is literally packed with different types of venues that are perfect for memorable receptions and sophisticated weddings. West Palm Beach bridal planner gives you plenty of creative freedom when it comes to choosing the perfect location, décor and theme to celebrate the most important day of your life.

Discover and Compare a Plethora of Appealing Venues Based in West Palm Beach

Whether you wish to sail away with your better half and never look back, book a rustic country club or an upscale restaurant, or start looking for gardens and parks that could provide the perfect natural, romantic setting for your upcoming ceremony and reception, you should know that all these goals are achievable in Palm Beach.  This brings us to the next important question: what kind of theme should you strive to personalize to impress your guests and create unforgettable memories? Here are a few options that may be fully compatible with your current desires, creative vision and requirements.

Beach Wedding. Beach weddings are much-appreciated for their lovely scene and laid-back ambiance. A beach ceremony and reception or a church ceremony and a beach reception is the winning formula that could never let you down, especially if you get ready to face any type of weather conditions, plan to catch the sunset or sunrise while saying your vows and bet everything on a simple, yet incredibly sophisticated décor based on aquamarine, seashells, grains of sand kept in small, see-through glass bottles, rope and other naturally gorgeous materials reminding you of the depthless and absolute perfection of the ocean.

Shabby Chic Wedding. If you want to highlight your soft, romantic side while also expressing your preference for vintage elements displaying visible signs of wear and tear that give them character, choose to organize a shabby chic wedding. This theme is supported by a minimalist setting, distressed decorative items mimicking the appearance of antiques and a feminine color palette revolving around shades of pink, fuchsia or purple.

Rustic, Country Style Wedding. If you want your big event to be more about your union, and less about the fuss associated with crazy expensive and sophisticated wedding venues, consider opting for a rustic style wedding. Rustic-themed weddings can be organized in different locations, ranging from beautiful magnolia plantations to a cozy country club. Here’s a simple tip that could guarantee your success: combine the greenery with natural unpretentious decorations and a neutral color palette.

Wedding Planning Success Is in the Details

Any skilled West Palm Beach wedding planner will tell you that it’s the little details that help you paint a pretty picture when it come to organizing a flawless event. In this context, it would be wise to choose your wedding theme very carefully, based on your lifestyle choices, personality, taste and personal preferences. Avoid extreme ideas that could make one your soulmate feel slightly uncomfortable. Also, do keep in mind that you have to pick a theme as soon as possible, because you will have to coordinate the styling, invitations, music, menu, floral arrangements and dresses, and all these elements revolve around the theme that you have chosen for your big day. As an experienced West Palm Beach wedding planner I can tell you that dealing with all these aspects can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you have poor organizational skills. In this situation, choose to hire a professional to keep all the wedding planning elements in check. Rely on Dream Concierge to eliminate the stress associated with DIY wedding planning and create the perfect foundation for a wonderful event that will be remembered by all your guests. The expert guidance that you require may be only one click or call away and could make the difference between a memorable celebration and a bad memory that you would want to erase as soon as possible.

03 Jun

5 Golden Rules of Successful Event Planning in West Palm Beach (and the Simplest Way to Implement Them)

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In 2015, the party and event planners industry is flourishing. According to recent statistics unveiled by IBISWorld, the annual growth recorded by this market in the U.S., from 2009 to 2014, is estimated at 2.5%. Almost 180,000 businesses operating in this sector are currently helping people bring their dreams to life and organize a successful event that could favor positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

Event Planning in West Palm Beach Takes the Pressure off Your Shoulders

If you’re also thinking about exploring the benefits of professional event planning in West Palm Beach, here are a few golden rules that you should have in mind before selecting the right candidate for this job.

  1. Set up a Budget and Prioritize Accordingly. Start this memorable journey by determining how much money you can afford to spend on your event. Sticking to an allocated budget can be quite tricky, especially when you’re doing business with inexperienced planners who can’t predict or handle smaller costs that usually pile up and take organizers by surprise. Always work closely with someone who can make the best decisions based on your budget and specific needs. Think about it this way: even the classic white pants and white shirt combo can be reinterpreted in so many ways to create an endless list of unique fashion statements; so don’t hesitate to hire a professional who can understand and support your grand creative vision while stopping you from overspending.
  2. Choose a Likable Theme for Your Event. West Palm Beach comprises various historic communities and neighborhoods, such as Mango Promenade, Northboro Park and Flamingo Park, and gives you plenty of appealing choices when it comes to selecting the perfect venue and décor for your upcoming event. The Embassy Suites West Palm Beach, The Hilton Palm Beach Airport, The West Palm Beach Marriott, Residence Inn West Palm Beach Downtown and Courtyard West Palm Beach  are only a few of the options worth considering, when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for the big event that you wish to organize. Make sure you go in favor of the one that is fully compatible with the theme of your special occasion. The versatility of West Palm Beach venues will enable you to explore a great variety of likable themes and select the one that makes more sense to you and your guests. From festive Christmas weddings to fun tea party weddings, romantic beach weddings and traditional and classic ceremonies and receptions, you can analyze all these themes with help from a West Palm Beach wedding planner and choose the best one for you. Also, if you’re stuck somewhere in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning phase, remember that blockbuster, rustic chic and all-about-me themes are incredibly popular 2014 themes that can be reinterpreted with minimal effort in 2015.
  3. Be an Early Booker, Research Suppliers and Vendors and Perfect Your Negotiating Skills. Dealing with vendors and suppliers is perhaps one of the most stressful assignments that you will have to handle while organizing your event. Choose the best professionals based on their quotes, as well as their reputation and the quality of their products. Plan in advance to cut down your expenses and do keep in mind that early bookers can benefit from significant discounts. Also, note that popular al fresco venues are usually fully booked by mid-March, and some of the most spectacular Christmas venues are reserved a year in advance. Don’t hesitate to approach different suppliers whose services are above your allocated budget, especially if you’re targeting less busy periods. During quiet months, most of them would normally be inclined to cut a deal.
  4. Employ the “Try Before You Buy” Strategy. Would you be willing to buy a car without test driving it? Would you invest in a slice of real estate without inspecting it thoroughly? I didn’t think so. In this case, things shouldn’t be very different when it comes to selecting a caterer for your event. Opt for reliable suppliers who offer tastings and sneak into a fancy party hosted by venues that you are eager to book. This is the final test that venues and suppliers should pass before earning your trust.
  5. Hire a Professional Who Knows What’s Right for You. Selecting a theme, booking the best venue, sending out invitations, creating a dress code and maintaining a close contact with suppliers are only a few of the responsibilities that you have to handle when planning a successful event. Wouldn’t you rather sit back, relax and share the news with your closest ones, instead of running around town trying to score a good deal? If your answer is yes, then consider exploring the benefits of professional event planning in West Palm Beach right away. At Dream Concierge, our purpose in business is to help you plan every single detail related to your upcoming event without actually lifting a finger. Work closely with reputable professionals who have what it takes to follow your creative directions and turn your special occasion into the main highlight of the year.