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27 May

5 Major Mistakes That a Boca Raton Wedding Planner Can Help You Avoid

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South Florida weddings have a unique charm and allow brides and grooms to create long-lasting memories virtually effortlessly. After all, what in the world could go wrong when you have your toes in the sand and you’re feeling the ocean breeze, while standing under a wedding arch decorated with dozens of gorgeous silk garlands, with your better half? Believe it or not, many things can get out of control, and I’m not referring solely to unpredicted expenses. To avoid such drama, take a quick look at the five major mistakes that any couple can make while planning a wedding in Florida and learn how you could prevent these awkward and/or costly mishaps with help from a real professional.

5 Crucial Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Event (and How to Prevent Them)

  1. Overspending. Some soon-to-be newlyweds don’t really care about money when it comes to turning the happiest day of their lives into an unforgettable fairytale. On the other hand, other couples can’t afford to overspend and create piles and piles of checklists to have everything under control at all times. And yet, regardless of their financial possibilities, the brides and grooms who decide to count on professional Boca Raton event planning services manage to rest at ease, knowing that they have everything under control, including budget development, implementation and monitoring. Think about it this way: if this is the first wedding that you’re organizing, you may have a hard time making the right decisions. First impressions are often deceiving. For instance, did you know that an open bar may not be the most cost-effective option at hand? As Huffington Post points out, an open bar could cost you up to 4 times more than a regular cash bar. If an open bar is one of your main requirements, stick to the plan, but don’t underestimate its costs.
  2. Taking Care of Wedding Decorations on Your Own. Wedding planning requires the highest dosage of creativity and originality. But crafting or selecting the decorations for your wedding ceremony and reception on your own can be stressful and exhausting. Moreover, if you have an eclectic style, feel incredibly indecisive, or simply don’t want to take any chances when it comes to personalizing and beautifying your location, you may want to consult a world-class provider of Boca Raton event planning services before making a final call.
  3. Trying to Please All Your Guests. Let’s get one thing straight: you can’t please everyone; not now, not tomorrow, not ever! This is precisely why you should follow your own creative vision, address your own needs and demands and stop worrying about what your relatives and friends may think about your open bar, wedding dress, flowers, location and décor elements. To avoid potential conflicts that could kill your mood during the big day, you could hire a wedding planner and let a real professional mediate disputes and help your guests have a great time and send out good vibes.
  4. Choosing Vendors and Service Providers Based Solely on Quotes. You want to save money that you could spend during your honeymoon or use as a down payment for your first house or a new car. This is perfectly understandable. However, even when your options are limited by a tight budget, you shouldn’t agree to make any quality compromises that could rob your event of its dosage of glamour and brilliance. Don’t select vendors based on the lowest quote that they give you. A low number may be the indicator of really bad service. Since you always seem to get exactly what you pay for, select service providers and vendors based on referrals. Moreover, factor in their personalities and working styles and meet them in person before making a decision. It’s always important to sit down and have a nice chat with the people who can contribute to your wedding planning success.
  5. Ignoring Rules That Can’t and Shouldn’t Be Disregarded. These days, you need at least one wedding etiquette cheat sheet to handle the plethora of tiny, yet incredibly important details that could make or break your wedding. From the best ways to handle registries to the tactics that you should employ when it comes to writing your invitations, all these assignments require knowledge, commitment and experience. Did you know that more than a few churches require the brides to cover their shoulders? Are you familiar with the cancelation policy of your caterer? These are only a few questions that a wedding planner won’t let you worry about.

Choose the Perfect Bridal Package to Organize a Flawless Wedding

Want to eliminate the stress associated with high-end events planning? Opt for one of the exquisite bridal packages brought to you by Dream Concierge to achieve peace of mind and make sure that you won’t have to lift a finger to achieve perfection with your upcoming wedding.

20 May

5 Reasons Why You Should Work Closely with a Boca Raton Wedding Planner

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As your wedding day is getting closer and closer, you realize that the planning process is quite complicated and time-consuming. Truth be told, planning a fabulous wedding is far from being a child’s play, taking into consideration that soon-to-be spouses have to pay special attention to several important aspects, ranging from etiquette and vendors to accessories and interior décor. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed and would very much like to count on the support of a professional consultant who could turn your event into a smashing success, here are five reasons why you should invest in the quality services provided by a Boca Raton wedding planner.

  1. You Are a True Perfectionist, Even Though You Have Very Little Time on Your Hands. Ever since you were 5, you have imagined and revisited every single detail related to your wedding. At this point in time, you already know what you want, in terms of catering services, floral arrangements and bridesmaids’ dresses. However, you also accept the fact that you don’t have the time and skills required to make all these tiny details come together rapidly and seamlessly. Fortunately, the right Boca Raton wedding planner can help you put together all the pieces of the puzzle and plan your upcoming event in a time and cost-effective manner.
  2. You Want to Make the Most of a Flawless Wedding Planning Experience. When you’re handling all the aspects of your wedding on your own, you are exposing yourself to considerable risks, especially if you have poor organizational skills. If you can’t stick to a budget, maintain a perfect relationship with vendors and coordinate all the other tasks involved by this special occasion, choose to take the easy way out by counting on experienced professionals who could lift this weight of your shoulders.
  3. You Don’t Have the Right Connections. Assuming that you have never organized a wedding before, how could you possibly distinguish reputable vendors from the ones that may not trigger your complete satisfaction during the big day? In this business, you can’t trust everyone. These days, one could easily find a plethora of suppliers that market their business in an effective manner, without offering any solid guarantees. To find the caterers that are right for you, you should rely on the expert guidance provided by a trustworthy professional specialized in Boca Raton event planning, who is well-connected and able to identify the best deals on the market. This type of expert insight could help you save time and money without making any quality compromises.
  4. Your Venue Coordinator Isn’t a Natural Born Multitasker. Venue coordinators can be quite helpful, but in most cases they do not handle all the aspects involved by a memorable wedding. A good venue coordinator may take care of the logistics associated with his/her location and could also surprise you with a list of suppliers, but this is all that you can realistically expect from these service providers. On the other hand, a good wedding planner will always go the extra mile to help you choose the best décor, mediate potential disputes with family members and other guests, research services and prices and offer you valuable advice around the clock.
  5. You Need the Assistance of a Reputable Professional Who Could Turn Your Dreams into Reality. Last but not least, by working with a good wedding planner in Boca Raton who understands your needs and expectations, you could get one step closer to the unique emotions, style and look that you’re trying to achieve.

So Now What?

If you’re looking forward to making the most of a one-of-a-kind wedding planning experience, make sure you count on the support of a special someone who always has everything under control. At Dream Concierge, our purpose in business is to turn your big day into an unforgettable event that will bring tears of joy to your eyes decades from now on. Check out our flexible bridal planning packages and select the one that is fully compatible with your current necessities and demands.

18 May

Francesca and George’s wedding at Flagler Museum

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Francesca and George's wedding at Flagler from Dmitri Tsitelauri on Vimeo.

Wedding Cinematography by Dmitri Tsitelauri –
Wedding coordinator: Breeze Taylor

11 May

Need A West Palm Beach Wedding Planner?

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iStock_000015167799_SmallHiring a wedding planner for your West Palm Beach wedding can swipe loads of stress and pressure off of the loving couple. So often couples feel they should be able to handle all the pressure that comes from planning their own wedding. After all, it is their special day.

By opening themselves to help and guidance, they will gain more time and most likely, money which won’t be spent unwisely, so they can show up on their wedding day excited.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself if you are in desperate need of a wedding planner.

  1. Are you drowning in your to-do checklist and have fallen behind on your schedule?
  2. Do you both have busy work schedules which could hinder your time available to meet with vendors?
  3. Is your mother, bridesmaids, or other friends unable to help you?
  4. Have you gotten vendor recommendations that you aren’t sure if you can trust?
  5. Do you know where to reserve rooms for your out-of-town guests?
  6. Have you thought about what your guests will do if you have a longer time gap between your ceremony and reception?
  7. Problems between families who all feel they have a say in your special day?
  8. Does wedding planning cause you to feel overwhelmed?
  9. Are you a procrastinator?
  10. Is your engagement short and you have to act fast to create the perfect day?
  11. Are you lost for ideas on exactly how you want your special day to be?
  12. Do you have any idea where to start?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need a wedding planner.

West Palm Beach Wedding Planner is Like a Fairy Godmother

What exactly do wedding planners, like myself, do to ensure a magical wedding day? First, I like to set up consultations with the couple to gain an understanding what you desire regarding the ceremony, reception, rehearsals, and day-after events. In addition, we review the budget and style and any other details necessary at this step.

Next I work to create vendor contracts based upon your tastes, organize timelines leading up to the wedding including arrivals and deliveries of flowers, caterers, etc.

The day of the wedding is crucial to have a planner to handle vendors, deliveries, and last-minute issues that may arise. I will help orchestrate the rehearsal, ensure the wedding party is on time, make sure everything is clean and you get your deposits back, and so many more details.

Your wedding day can feel chaotic enough with all of your guests wanting your attention that you need to be as focused, relaxed, and happy as possible. There are so many details which go into setting up a wedding that only add stress and pressure on you if you don’t have proper help.

Call me today and I’ll discuss several package options and which would best suit you. I can plan your West Palm Beach wedding so you can focus on exchanging your vows.

06 May

Boca Raton Brides Plan Beauty Sleep – Not Stress!

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Whether brides are planning an elegant Boca Raton wedding or a casual white sandy beach event, they have a never-ending list of “to-do’s” before they say “I do.”

Boca Raton is popular for its luxurious wedding sites, serene beaches, elite golf courses, elegant hotels, and fine restaurants. It’s no wonder why so many couples choose this area to walk down the aisle together.

But planning a wedding become stressful, exhausting and can take some of the excitement out of your special day if you don’t have a wedding planner. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed when the pressure of getting everything done is weighing on your shoulders.

What could be so stressful that you forget to be excited about your wedding? Everything and anything from the time he proposes to the time you leave your reception. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Keeping within a set budget is enough to put anyone over the edge. Every bride has their limit, no matter if it is for a low-key ceremony or a large, lavish, five-star event. And some of your guests may travel a great distance to come to your wedding and finding comfortable accommodations is important.

Dealing with pushy friends and family trying to dictate how your special day should be is challenging. Everyone seems to have their opinion about what your wedding day should be like when only you and your fiancé should have the deciding vote. Remember ladies, this day is about you and the love of your life walking down the aisle to express your love, no one else’s.

Anxiously waiting the RSVP replies and watching the guest list continue to grow and change as your parents and soon-to-be in-laws constantly remember old friends that need to be on the list will set you up for a poor night’s sleep. And brides need their beauty sleep!

Endless Planning for Boca Raton Brides

Reducing the time between your ceremony and reception can prevent your guests from having nothing to do. If there is a larger gap, ensure there is some type of entertainment provided.

You’ll need to prepare your music playlists, deal with endless inquiries from friends, family, vendors, and so many others, and going over your vows – traditional or from your heart – are all vital last-minute details that mustn’t be overlooked or ignored.

Brides have their hair and makeup trials, hair removal appointments, dress fittings, manicures, pedicures, tanning, and find the perfect wedding party gifts to deal with. The stress is high and the days are numbered to complete it all.

And what if vendors back out or issues arise that you’re uncertain how to deal with? That’s where I can help you. Whether it’s securing vendors, caterers, seating arrangements, confirming delivery times, and every other vital detail of a wedding to make your day as special and stress-free as possible, I’ll be with you every step of the way. The weight will lift from your shoulders since I’ll handle many of the details based upon your instructions.

Every bride planning a Boca Raton wedding deserves to have their own bridal planner. Call me today and I can help you prepare your beautiful wedding day while letting you get your beauty sleep! I offer many packages to fit any budget.